A well known face in the Nollywood, chief Aderemi Adeeeji also known as Baba Olofa Ina said he almost quit theatre Act because of an unforgettable experience he first had when he started his theatre career.
Baba olofa-Ina gave the account of his journey in destiny while chatting with Trove correspondent Mayowa Adebisi today, said he joined theatre in the year 1984.

He had series of experience in what he has passion for and that he almost drop it for something else but his passion for theatre gave him the strength to move on.

Chief Aderemi said he could recollect an incident that happened on one of his journeys with his drama crew when an argument came up from the parents of one of his members that insisted that their daughter shouldn’t go with them and the daughter also refused to follow the parent back home.

Meanwhile, the lady happens to be one of the major character for the drama show, they were going for, he said this caused a serious delay.

Her parents, during the process placed a curse on them and this really scared her because of the fear of their curses.

He further said, they faced a lot of challenges on their way, one of which he was beaten by the soldiers for not obeying the law of curfew ilesa. Then oyo State and this brought him down seriously and he almost turn his back away from his passion.
Baba olofa Ina emphasized more on finances as one of the major discouragements when he started the journey.

He said he kept on looking up to people before he can eat or even pay his group members.

Most times, he might have spent the little money he had on fuel and settle his members. At the end, he will have nothing more on him.

However, Olofa Ina said, he taught he was on a dream land when God started turning things around for good and that the first good news he had was the LONDON AWARD presented to him, he said, he was full of joy and it was a great turn around for him.

He advised not to be in a rush and to stay focused.

There is a lot of achievements, glory and lights at the end of every tunnel. Besides, room was not built in a day.

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